Five-G Consulting was founded for the purpose of providing custom dairy design and engineering services and other livestock handling facilities. The founders have been engaged in this specialized agricultural engineering activity since the early 1960’s. The objective of this service is to provide a cost effective total systems approach to planning modern, state-of-the-art facilities and to the upgrading of existing facilities. Services range from overall planning, specific problem solving and feasibility studies to complete engineering and specifications. Each project is custom designed to the client’s needs, specific conditions and resources, drawing upon the extensive experience that Five-G personnel have achieved from working on all types and sizes of dairies and other livestock facilities throughout the United States and abroad. Five-G generally negotiates directly with the owners for payment of design services. These payments may be on a time and expense basis, fixed fee basis or percentage of overall costs, depending on the client’s needs and preference.

The design staff at Five-G has worked on dairy projects ranging in size from 100 cows to 12,000 cows. We have built dairies in climates as diverse as the Arabian Desert and Alaskan Tundra. We have worked on several projects for dairy departments in agricultural universities and other dairy research facilities.

Long term trends in the industry have shown a steady growth in the size of dairy enterprises. Most on-going dairy operations have doubled or tripled in size during the last 15 years. At the same time, production averages and cattle nutritional requirements have increased substantially. Dairy sanitation requirements, herd health needs and pollution control regulations have become more stringent. These factors plus the ever increasing cost of building construction and equipment emphasize the need for careful, up front, long range planning. There is an on-going need for these specialized engineering skills as the industry moves through this growth transition. Sound planning is important for the construction of new facilities, as well as for remodeling, expansion and modernization of existing dairies. Sound long-range planning is just as essential for the small dairy as the large, if they expect to meet the challenges of the future.

The Five-G principals have focused on these specific areas of concern to dairymen. We have worked with the suppliers of modern dairy equipment, agricultural universities and dairy breed associations. We have developed new concepts and equipment to solve specific industry needs. We invariably help our clients develop modern dairy operations that are substantially better than industry norms. Five-G has made continuous additions to its design staff of well qualified individuals, dedicated to continuing good professional design services for the dairy industry.