Robotic Milking

The Five-G Robotic Dairy Seminars have been a huge success. Join us this December 5, 2023, in Hagerstown, Maryland.

This year’s seminar will be full of information to help dairy farmers determine if robotic milking was right for them, now or in the future.

We have noticed that the interest in robotic milking has increased dairy farming. The goal of this seminar is provide you with the information to help you make an informed decision about using robotics at your dairy.

Experienced experts discussed:

  • barn design
  • cost
  • labor
  • operational changes
  • plus more!
Robotic milking equipment.

Topics discussed:

  • Robotic vs Traditional Comparison
  • Robotic Manpower
  • Ventilating Robot Barns
  • Animal Equipment Considerations
  • Experience from Europe
  • Robotic Case Studies
  • Robotic Barn Waste Considerations
  • Robotic Dairy Facility Costs

CLICK HERE to view the presentations from the seminar.