Andreas Dairy

andreas dairy_aerial

Andreas Dairy aerial photo

Dan & Bill Andreas
Sugarcreek, Ohio
1000 Cows
Double 20 rapid-exit herringbone, fully automated milking system
New freestall for 600 head. Remodeled freestalls for 400
Waste Management:
Fully integrated flush system for all lanes. Solids separation, and 120 day, two stage, storage ponds. Recycle system, and traveling gun spreading of water.

Services Provided By Five-G Consulting

Involved from the very beginning, Five-G Consulting worked with the owners, equipment manufacturers, local contractors and state agencies to successfully permit and build this dairy in Sugarcreek, Ohio. The designers at Five-G laid out the entire facility and conducted monthly on-site visits throughout construction to aide in coordinating the entire project from ground breaking until the first cow was milked.