dairy phase-one arial

Daisy Farms Dairy

See overview of Phase 1 of Tunnel Ventilated facility in hot climate.


Watch our videos here on our web site of visit our YouTube channel. More to come, including interviews with the owners and on-site videos.    

Nadec #6 Preliminary Design


Here you will find drawings that we have produced in the past. These are actual plans that were put into production and are functioning to this day.  Drawings featured here are of a wide variety in order to give a general feel for the quality and detail of our work.  […]

Loading Milk at Nadec #5, Saudi Arabia

Nadec #5 Dairy

See details of a facility specifically designed for the Saudi Arabian climate with the capacity of up to 5400 cows.

Ted in Estonia

Estonia Dairy

Click to see the Northeastern Estonia dairy project and some of the challenging weather.

andreas waste collection

Andreas Dairy

Read about Andreas Dairy and see photos of a Five-G design-to-milk project.